At "Call For Help!" Computer Services, we design and build computers tailored to each individual's needs,  And we sell them at "off the shelf" prices, competitive with the national superstores, Internet stores, and local manufacturers.

Everyone has different needs in a computer. While one person uses it for business, another just wants to be able to use the Internet. A third plays a lot of graphic-intensive games, and so on. Some just want the hardware pre-assembled and want to install the software themselves. "Call for Help!" can accommodate them all.

By choosing from a vast array of available hardware, "Call For Help!" can build a computer for every type of user that will be tailored to their individual needs, at the lowest possible price. Furthermore, we don't use integrated devices to try to save  on assembly costs. Those are computer parts (video, sound, modems and others) built onto the main board of a computer. If a device can't be removed, it can't be upgraded. And we all know that today's technology may be obsolete and unsupported in a few short years. Our computers are designed with future upgrades in mind. They can be adapted to changes in your needs or in technology, without having to buy a whole new computer. That is of special importance to those who are new to computing, as they are often unsure of how much they will come to rely on their computer.

The idea is that rather than going out and buying a pre-manufactured computer within a certain price range, we can take that same dollar figure and build one suited specifically for your intended use. For you, the customer, this means not having to compromise by choosing from what's available at the stores.

The same holds true for your software. Don't pay for OEM software you don't need. With "Call For Help!," you choose from any available software program on an a la carte basis, and we custom install every program. That means you save the time and hassle of configuring installations, downloading and installing updates, patches, and browser plug-ins, before you can even get started with what you really want to do. Unlike anyone else we know of, we do it all for you before your computer is delivered.  And best of all,  the programs' original installation disks are yours to keep.

The basic software package, included with all our computers except "bare bones" systems, is listed below.  Windows, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox are updated from the manufacturers' web site just prior to delivery.

Windows 7
Internet Explorer 8
Mozilla Firefox
Adobe Acrobat Reader  9
Quick Time  7 + I-Tunes
MS PowerPoint Viewer
MS Word Viewer
Real Player
Mahjongg  (Very Addictive)
Your Internet Provider's software (if you already have a provider)
Free Anti-Virus

Also available ala carte:

Microsoft Home Essentials
MS Office 
MS Works Suite

Add in the following facts to the equation:

Free delivery and set-up
One-year in home warranty includes parts and labor
In-home service
Our computers are easily upgraded to suit your changing needs
We use only brand name components

You should now see that "Call For Help!" is the best choice for your new computer

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