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raburrows Extremely thorough, competent and provided personalized service. Even after I suggested that I stop asking him and take up with the problem with the manufacturer (of the trackball), he was still keen to try new approaches. Service above and beyond the call of duty!
lindystar Knew exactly what I was talking about and had an exact solution.
melb appreciate the help... thank you.mel.
dbu Tell Steve his remarks were prompt, courteous, and right on the mark. Problem solved! Thanks to him and all at "Nowonder".
DanBoyd The answer I received was easily understood and fast too. Thanks a lot.
sbutler Seemed interested in trying to help. Tried the so called "experts" at AOL - they acted like they could care less and I think they knew less than I did.
melb921 Thanks again. Me being an IT too, helps me greatly. I HATE being stuck on a sovlable problem
jackyc973 Problem solved, thank you!
rlascheid excellent job. He told me exactly how to fix my problem and it worked.
ps16 He gave a good suggestion for a very difficult problem--one that had lots of different suggestions but no firm answer at all the web sites I visited reaching the problem.
gwallac None
anettis None
Addy The answer I got was indeed very helpful. Especially the fact that I immedeately got two alternative ways to solve my problem prevented me from having to email again(although the first solution worked). Good job Steve!
MagicMike Excellent advice, no waffle just good 'sound' advice - thanks very much
cfrankb None
Gina777319 He's very helpful :)
lbuchman Prompt response, straightforward advice. Great!
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